Knights of the Old Republic

Tarisian Welcome

When their escape pod crash landed on Taris, the party hurried off the nighttime streets under Carth’s direction. He led them to a hidden Republic safe house. Once no pursuit appeared, Yar and Carth compared what they knew of the planet: a planet-wide metropolis of towering skyscrapers with the privileged humans living in the Upper City and the poor and non-humans living in the slums of the Lower City. Yar added that a human named Davik led the criminal underworld.

The hideout included a several bunks, footlockers, a workbench (per tool kit), an old computer (per data pad), a first aid kit (synthskin and 3 stim packs), and 2 basic computer spikes (add Boost to Computer slicing tests, Value: 300 credits each).

From the computer, Horace learned of the planet-wide quarantine established by the Sith starting at 2 hours prior. No ships could enter or leave!

Then next morning, the team planned to head out to figure off this Sith-covered rock. As Yar, opened the door he heard someone yell, “Okay, you alien scum, everybody get up against the wall! This is a raid!” Yar ducked back into the hideout and closed the door.

The party briefly argued about getting involved. Ark Malor advocated for caution, but Yar and Beryl opened the door with blaster and Gaffi stick leading. Two battle droids and a Sith soldier were rapidly dispatched.

The team found a Duros named Jokol mourning over his dead friend, Ixgil. He tearfully thanked the heroes and said he would take care of the Sith body to divert any unwanted attention. Horace drug the battle droids back to the hideout.

From a few bold aliens still in the hallway, the team got fist pumps and “Woots!” Unfortunately, none were particularly helpful with additional information.

Near the elevator to the Upper City street level, the team met a green, male Twi’lek named Larrim. He was a merchant specializing in contraband including several weapons and pieces of equipment that the team bought. Larrim also explained that the planet had been under Sith occupation for a few months but the quarantine was a shocking development. He said that the aliens in this building were all there illegally, as the Upper City was generally human only. A few aliens were allowed with permits but he didn’t know how to get such things. He suggested chatting with the local janitor for more about the Upper City.

Not far off, Kadir, an elderly human pushed a mopstick. He growled at the party for mucking up his floors, but was easily mollified. He then explained that Upper City Cantina was good place for fine drink and gambling, but not particularly open to aliens. The best place to buy equipment was Kebla Yurt’s Equipment Emporium.

Unsure how severe the restrictions would be, the team rode the elevator up to the street level. They peered out over a wide pedestrian boulevard flanked by several ovoid skyscrapers. Several well-to-do human were casually walking the street, including some gawking at a crashed Republic escape pod (belonging to the party) with a few working droids nearby. No aliens could be seen in the Upper City. Two pairs of Sith soldiers were patrolling in the distance with locals being them a wide berth.

The team ducked back into the apartment building and discussed how best to avoid attention and where to head to next.

Adventure Summary
Experience Points: 10 (5 base, 5 for saving Jokol).

Note: I’m going to make a change to one of the ways XP is given. The rules suggest giving 5 XP for roleplaying your Emotional Strength/Weakness. I don’t think this is fair, because some characters have an ES/W that is easier to demonstrate (think cautious Ark Malor or enthusiastic Yar Sneb). Also, I don’t want to penalize players who might be less comfortable with over-the-top acting – although it is Star Wars, so outlandish acting should be rewarded. Therefore, people who ham up their ES/W will get a Destiny Point (that’s those Light and Dark Side tokens that we need to use more readily) specifically for that PC to use during the following session. Next session, I’ll grant one to Ark and Yar.


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